Santa Chaudhari

I am Santa. I have been working as a senior nature guide in Bardia National Park since 1999. I find my work to be very fulfilling and enjoyable. I believe it is the best way to explore the magical nature. I was born at the edge of the National Park and grew up listening to the sounds of birds. What I enjoy most is observing colours, habits and habitats of birds and Royal Bengal tiger. I joined Raj and Prem in running Samsara Safari Camp in late 2014. You will find me as your host and your naturalist when you visit Samsara Safari Camp in Bardia.

Born: Thakurdwara-2, Bardia, Mid West plains of Nepal
Areas of Special Interest: Birding and Wildlife Safari
Academic Qualification: High School Graduate
Language: English
Travel: India
Founding Vice-President: Bardia Nature Conservation Club (BNCC), Bardia National Park.
Course: Nature and Wildlife Conservation- 1999 by NTNC, BNP and WWF-Wildlife Monitoring Course- 2000 by NTNC, BNP, WWF

Photo Source: Prem Thapa, Deepak Rajbansi, Daniel Marcelo Ruda Vega, Chungba Sherpa

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